Hidizs AP80 Pro usability review

Lovely hardware but disappointing software Why would you want a portable music player when you already have the same functionality in your smartphone? There are several reasons why you would want to use one, actually. Audiophiles love them because they usually have a better DAC than a typical smartphone, and they still allow for a... Continue Reading →

The Hill MK5 PCP pump

Hill claims their MK 5 PCP pump requires 20% effort to pump. We took the test. So, why on earth would we review a pump? Because we are avid airgunners and we could never find the information that we wanted to know about this pump in any other review. So, if you are not an... Continue Reading →

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance

After being impressed with the B&O H95 headphones, we decided to go ahead and buy the Beosound Balance. This is our impression, after about a month of listening to it. Build quality and user-friendliness are top-notch as you would expect from a €2000 speaker. The design is very basic. It looks more like a lamp... Continue Reading →

Bose Frames: from Alto to Tenor

We are a big fan of the Bose Frames since we bought the Alto version that we reviewed here. Most of what we wrote in that review still stands for the new Tenor version also. But a lot has been improved. But let's start with the things that did not improve: The Bose Frames Tenor... Continue Reading →

Remarkable 2 Review

Almost perfect Let's start with the hardware: It's amazing. Thin and build to last. Maybe a bit too heavy, but nothing to worry about. Cover and pen feel great.Just like with most tablets that have a pen that attaches with magnets: it will come off, so be careful. Having the cover on the device helps... Continue Reading →

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