JBL Boombox

JBL is a company that knows about sound and good sound quality. So how is it possible that opinions among reviewers about the Boombox are so different?

Some praise it, others say sound quality is just terrible. Some say only bass and no mids, and others say too much mids and no bass…

What we have found is that sound quality greatly depends on the connected device. The Boombox is capable of great sound. But when connected to our Samsung Galaxy Note8 for example, sound quality was indeed terrible. Almost no bass, too much mids. We had to use the equalizer on the phone to get acceptable sound quality. And even then some songs sounded great, and others terrible. Our conclusion at that time was that the Boombox was only suitable for modern bass- and beat-heavy music.

But then we connected the Boombox to a Huawei P20 Pro. This phones uses an older Bluetooth protocol in fact. And boy o boy, what a difference that made. Sound was perfect, well-balanced, beautiful bass, perfect mids and wonderful high tones. In fact the sound is so good that the Boombox is now one of our prefered Bluetooth speakers, and we have a lot of them.

Most reviewers only connect this speaker to one smartphone, and then start comparing it to other speakers. Depending on the smartphone used, the sound will be great or terrible.

We also found that sound wasn’t so great when connected using the aux input to a Macbook Pro. Our other JBL speakers also suffer from this. Might be something to do with the Macbook however.

So our advice is, if you consider this speaker: try it out with the device you are going to use it with. It could make a very big difference.

Some other thing we experienced with every JBL speaker we tested when using the JBL connect app, is that when doing a firmware upgrade of a speaker, the app will delete all Bluetooth connections on your phone. Very annoying.


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