Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Using this phone for business, we have found that this is a great phone indeed.

The software out-of-the box is one of the most trouble-free experiences. This phone is a breeze to start using, and most features work as expected. Every app you install just works, and we never had any crashes. We know that many tech reviewers bash the Samsung skin on top of Android, but we find that this is actually a big improvement of stock Android.

Some examples of the many handy features that Samsung provides on this phone: Samsung allows you to set different sounds to apps, that do not offer the setting within the app.  It allows you to send music from your music app to a bluetooth speaker while playing all other sounds using the phone speaker. It even allows you to send sound to 2 different Bluetooth speakers together. It has automatic caller identification build in to the phone dialer, and many more handy features.

The Samsung PIM software such as Mail and Calendar are great, and for us one of the main reasons to recommend Samsung devices. These PIM applications natively connect to Microsoft Active Sync services, including IBM Notes Domino Traveler.

Battery life is good, but not better than most other devices. Working with e-mails, and messages, reading websites, and viewing some YouTube movies we get about 4 hours of screen-on time. We expected better from a device like this, to be honest.

Sunlight readability of the display is very good. The best we ever saw until now. Just leave the brightness setting on automatic.

The phone is waterproof indeed. We took it out in the sea and had no problems. In fact: the header picture of this blog was taken with it, standing in the sea.

The main problem we have with this phone is unlocking. The face unlocking is not reliable at all. The fingerprint sensor at the back is also not reliable and difficult to use. Although we use smart lock (the feature that keeps your phone unlocked in specific locations or when connected to specific Bluetooth devices) as much as possible, we still had to type in our pin code several times a day. Very frustrating.

Sound quality of the speaker is also not that great. Just usable for calls on speakerphone when there is not too much noise around you. We also experienced not so good sound quality when streaming to Bluetooth speakers.

Another serious gripe we have with this phone, and most Samsung phones, is the fact that there are hardware buttons on both sides of the device. This causes a lot of accidental button presses. It also makes it difficult to support the phone on a table of wall for taking a picture, for example.

All in all a great phone, if you do not mind typing in your pin code to unlock now and then, and do not need the best battery life. The software is just simply the best we have used.





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