GDP Pocket PC with Windows 10

We are using this little computer for quite a while now for real world usage, and we can testify that it works as expected. We found no serious flaw or problems, using it. You can buy this without risk. It is very well made.

Off course the keyboard is a bit awkward to use. So this computer is not suitable to use for long typing sessions. Even answering an email with this keyboard can be a daunting task. But for entering passwords, and making small changes to documents, websites or code, this is perfect.

Best use is as an emergency backup computer to take along. We use it to remotely control servers and workstations for troubleshooting when we are off duty. Or to quickly modify some code or website. Perfect in a restaurant, for example, to fix that emergency situation that just popped up when your food is ready to be served.

Battery life is average. You can use it for about 4 hours on battery. In real world usage, that is enough, since you probably never gonna use it for more than 30 minutes at a time.

It fits easily into the pockets of most vests. Or in a small pouch. The main reason to buy this is portability.

It is, as said, not a joy to use for long periods of time. But it gets the job done. Do not buy this as a replacement for a normal laptop. If you are looking for a super compact device to do some serious work on, we would rather recommend the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S instead. That one has a better keyboard, and a big display. It is much larger than the GDP pocket PC, but it is also a lot thinner. It fits in any briefcase or small pouch.

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