Logitech Circle camera

We use 4 of these camera’s to monitor our office and home. We have them in use for several years now. So time to let you know if they really work as expected.

For the most part: yes. They do deliver on their promises. There are very few issues. We can recommend them.

Setup, or adding a new camera is simple. The app almost always work as expected.

So what are the few issues?

Sometimes the smart location feature goes nuts. You will keep receiving notifications, even if you are in the home location for the camera. This problem seems to come and go by itself now and then.

Now and then a camera goes offline, claiming there is no internet connection, while there is in fact a working internet connection, and other camera’s on the same connection have no problem. This happens about one or two times per month, and never lasts long.

Sometimes a camera stops functioning completely. The only way to solve this, is to reset the camera and add it to the app again. This is a simple process, and it only happened twice now for us in about 2 years.

So this product works as advertised most of the time, and we are very happy with them.


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