Logitech Craft keyboard

Just don’t buy it.

This very expensive keyboard promises a lot but delivers a lot of frustrations instead.

This keyboard is intended for people who use both Mac OS and Windows. It offers keys for both operating systems, and many keys are shared. These shared keys have symbols on the left side for Mac and the right side for Windows.

On top of that, you have a dial that allows you to do some cool things with it when rotating or/and pressing it. But the possibilities are limited. We use it to switch workspaces when rotated and set it to “paste” when pressed. This way we finally have a keyboard with a dedicated paste button. We copy and paste a lot when coding.

When it launched, a lot of keys like the Home, Insert and End keys simply did not work as expected. Not on Mac, and not even on Windows. A few updates later, and things begin to work, but it is still not a hundred percent ok.

Update: the latest updates released in April 2019 finally seem to resolve some issues for some people but not for us. ALT and CMD are still reversed in Mac OS. If we correct that using system preferences, we still get the problems in Windows as described below. We managed to get a working situation in Windows if we leave the Mac keys reversed, but it is still impossible to get a pipeline character in Windows running in Parallels on Mac for example. 

Update 2: Update released in October 2019 made a mess again. The <> and @# keys are now suddenly switched in both Mac OS and Windows. The insert key no longer works. You now need to press 2 modifier keys (alt+ctrl) to get AltGr if you need things like @ in Windows. This is like most normal Windows keyboards function when connected to a Mac. No need to buy this expensive crap keyboard for that. With each update, we have to learn all the workarounds again. The good part is that the pipeline symbol now finally works for us. Reverting back to an older version did not solve these problems. Logitech please fix this shit. When will this keyboard function as promised?

If you use it solely on a Mac, or solely on a Windows machine, you can get things to work for the most part. Switching between machines is easy with the dedicated connection buttons.

But if you are going to use this for Windows running on a Mac, using Parallels or VMware Fusion, you will have more problems. Even after many months and many updates, it is still not working as it should. On Mac OS, the CMD and Option keys are reversed. You need to correct that using the keyboard preferences of Mac OS. If you do that, however, in Windows the right Alt/GR simply will no longer work. You need to use the left Alt key, which now always gives you Alt GR, so just using Alt is impossible. Forget about pressing key combinations like Alt F4. Typing a pipeline symbol is impossible.  If you do any development, that is a big problem. Many special characters require you to simply press the wrong modifier button to access them. So you better leave the reversed CMD and Option. Windows is usable then, except for the pipeline symbol. That is still impossible. We use Alt+124 to get it, like in the old DOS days.

With every update, some things are fixed, but other problems arise. The keyboard always seems to behave in a different way that requires you to start looking for workarounds. It depends on the keyboard layout that you select in Windows. And different people also report different issues, even if they are running the same software version.

At this price point, this is inexcusable. Stay away from this keyboard, unless you really want the rotating dial, and are prepared for these issues.

In the meantime, we keep using it. We got used to the issues, and hope one day they will really be fixed. But we still regret paying that much money for a keyboard that can not do the basics right.

Update 3: January 2020. We moved away from Mac and are using the keyboard on a pure Windows 10 machine. Some issues remain, however. The Insert key is not working at all (we use Shift+0 for that now), and two keys on the keyboard (<> and ²³) are reversed, keys like AltGr and the Windows key are also under the wrong keyboard buttons. Logitech Options keeps bugging us about updates but each time we agree to install them it just says we already have the latest version. We had to disable notifications for the Logitech Options app to get rid of these annoying messages. This product should never have been released, and yet they are still selling it…

May 2020: Thanks to the new keyboard mapping feature of Microsoft Powertoys we were able to correct some of the wrong key mappings of this keyboard. We cannot correct everything however. If we pair the Windows key with the button the is labeled “Start” and move Alt to the button that is labeled accordingly, it is no longer possible to switch desktops using the dial or the knobs on the Logitech MX Master mouse. So, we have to leave this. Thinking about just switching the physical keys on the keyboard.  Insert key still not working. Does nothing when pressed. We can still not believe how Logitech is not able to make this keyboard work as intended.

Update 4: June 2020. We received an update that finally makes everything works correctly in Windows. All keys seems to be mapped correctly and even the Insert key works again. We don’t know how it will be on Mac OS now because we stopped using Mac’s.

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  1. As a developer I can confirm these issues. I‘m using a german keyboard layout and especially when using windows vm with parallels I cannot use the home and the end key which is really annoying. Another problem where I couldn’t find a solution yet: Craft keyboard emulates CMD-rightarrow and CMD-leftarrow when using End and Home key which works in a mac environment. Because this behavior is not configurable for each app (like other keys) in a parallels windows vm the top window is aligned to the right or left side of the screen which is exactly the behavior of Windows-rightarrow and Windows-Leftarrow. So I cannot use the home key or the end key in windows. Frustrating!!

    1. After installing updates, on my Belgian/French layout the Home and End keys do work as expected in Windows (Parallels VM) and Mac OS. I had to switch the CMD and ALT keys in Mac OS however to make them behave correctly.

    2. I’m running Logitech Firmware 07.01.0015 on a Swiss German logitech craft keyboard and was experiencing the same issues mentioned (Mac OS Mojave, Win 10, Parallels 14).
      However installing and running the Logitech Options software (not changing anything!) seems to have done some magic: CMD and Option Keys are no longer reversed, Home/End does what it needs to. Pipes work like a charm in the VM etc..

      1. Can you tell me from where you got Logitech Firmware (Options) 07.01.0015. I could not fin it anywhere.
        Thanks a lot in advance

  2. I was wondering what is the status of the “Insert” key on Craft for you now? I just bought MX Keys and it does not work at all. So no joy working in Windows in Parallels. It does not even generate a keyboard event when pressed, so I can’t remap it via Karabiner-Elements.

  3. My problem is that each time I switch from windows to mac, my mac sees the keyboard, even the logitech software sees it connected, but i can’t use it. I have to unpair it in bluetooth and then add it again. Every single time.
    I only bought it because of profiles and being able to use it both on PC and mac. Anyone else having this issue? and hopefully a solution? I did update to latest software, but it’s the same

    1. That issue is common with many bluetooth devices on Mac. We have this all the time with bluetooth headsets. To avoid this issue with the keyboard, we use the Logitech receiver dongle.

  4. hi guys,
    my insert-key never worked (German-layout on a Mac). I surprised to hear it worked – at least for a while / until oct-19 – for you. Did the insert-key work on a Mac or Win-box ?

    1. Both. I am running Windows on Mac using Parallels, and the Insert key worked fine in both. Now everything else works except for the Insert key, I just have to press 2 keys to get AltGr now. This just shows that they have trouble to get the keyboard working in all different languages.

  5. Hidden deep somewhere inside the Logitech Community Forum, I found a hint:

    Pressing Fn + O for about 3 seconds: Switching to MacOS layout
    Pressing Fn + P for about 3 seconds: Switching to Windows layout

    The channel number (1, 2 or 3 above the Insert/Pos1/ScreenUp) shortly confirms the layout switch by blinking.
    That helped me a lot, when frequently switching between Windows driven laptop and MacBook on a workplace, which uses the LOGITECH UNIFY receiver.

    1. Thank you so much for this hint! Saved me another couple of hours investigating after switching back from my Mac to to the Windows machine!

  6. I am so pissed with this keyboard. It seems they fix some parts, like instant connectivity on mac, now each time I try to switch to it on windows, it doesn’t work. I love typing on it and using it on both mac and windows, but when it doesn’t switch it drives me crazy. And it doesn’t even work to remove and re-add it. Takes 10-15 minutes to get it running. So i still have to keep another keyboard within reach…

    1. Have you tried to use the Logitech receiver dongle with either the Mac or the Windows PC? It will make switching far more reliable.

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