Logitech Craft keyboard

Just don’t buy it.

This very expensive keyboard promises a lot, but delivers a lot of frustrations instead.

This keyboard is intended for people who use both Mac OS and Windows. It offers keys for both operating systems, and many keys are shared. These shared keys have symbols on the left side for Mac and the right side for Windows.

On top of that you have a dial that allows you to do some cool things with it when rotating or/and pressing it. But the possibilities are limited. We use it to switch workspaces when rotated, and set it to “paste” when pressed. This way we finally have a keyboard with a dedicated paste button. We copy and paste a lot when coding.

When it launched, a lot of keys like the Home, Insert and End keys simply did not work as expected. Not on Mac, and even not on Windows. A few updates later, and things begin to work, but it is still not a hundred percent ok.

If you use it solely on a Mac, or solely on a Windows machine, you can get things to work. Switching between machines is easy with the dedicated connection buttons.

But if you are going to use this for Windows running on a Mac, using Parallels or VMware Fusion, you will have problems. Even after many months and many updates, it is still not working as it should. On Mac OS, the CMD and Option keys are reversed. You need to correct that using the keyboard preferences of Mac OS. If you do that however, in Windows the right Alt/GR simply will no longer work. You need to use the left Alt key, which now always gives you Alt GR, so just using Alt is impossible. Forget about pressing key combinations like Alt F4. Typing a pipeline symbol is impossible.  If you do any development, that is a big problem. Many special characters require you to simply press the wrong modifier button to access them. So you better leave the reversed CMD and Option. Windows is usable then, except for the pipeline symbol. That is still impossible. We use Alt+124 to get it, like in the old DOS days.

With every update some things are fixed, but other problems arise. The keyboard always seem to behave in a different way that requires you to start looking for workarounds. It depends on the keyboard layout that you select in Windows. And different people also report different issues, even if they are running the same software version.

At this price point, this is inexcusable. Stay away from this keyboard, unless you really want the rotating dial, and are prepared for these issues.

In the mean time, we keep using it. We got used to the issues, and hope one day they will really be fixed. But we still regret paying that much money for a keyboard that can not do the basics right.


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