Microsoft Surface Pro 2/3/4

It started out wonderful with the Surface Pro 2.  A fast ultra-portable computer. We started recommending them to our customers, but stopped recommending them when more and more problems started to pop up with each new generation.

These problems are small, but annoying for users. A lot of times it’s about problems waking from sleep and the keyboard that is not working untill reconnected. Or the device simply refuses to power on for several hours. And then suddenly it turns on anyway. But also a lot of graphical issues when working with an external display. Often the display is not recognized, or the computer becomes unresponsive when connected to or disconnected from the docking station.

Switching between wifi-networks when moving around in a company can also be problematic. Connecting to certain wifi-networks just does not work, while other devices connect without problems.

A typical problem is Windows still not handling display scaling properly when an external display is connected. If the scaling is set differently on the external display, compared to the display scaling of the surface (almost always the case), then problems arise when moving applications from one display to the other. Often users have to log out and in again to resolve display issues when connecting or disconnecting from an external display. This problem is not limited to Surface Pro laptops, but it just seems to be worse with them.

We hoped that a machine from Microsoft, running Microsoft software, would be the most trouble-free solution ever. The Surface Pro 3 and 4, however, are the laptops that have the most problems of all the computers that we support. In fact, it are the only computers customers regularly complain about. Users of other computers only complain about a slow computer or some software not working, but never about the machines themselves.

We recommend users that want a small and ultra-portable computer to consider a Dell XPS13 or a Lenovo X1 Carbon now, and these users are far more happy.





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