Bose Soundwear

Our findings confirm most reviews on the internet. But most reviewers fail to see good usage cases for this wearable speaker.

It is not ment to use while commuting, close to other people, or in the gym. In fact this speaker is at its best when you are alone or at least some distance away from others.

Don’t buy this for the sole purpose of listening to music at home. It’s fine for that, but this is not why you should buy this. Normal speakers or a decent pair of headphones are much better for that.

It is however perfect as a speakerphone. If you need to make a lot of calls, this is a better solution than wearing a headset or using the speaker on your phone. Sales people, or IT helpdesk people for example, will love it, providing they are alone in their office. If your car does not have a decent handsfree solution, then the Bose Soundwear is a very good solution. Better than those bluetooth speakers you can clip on your sun visorĀ or other solutions.

It is at its best however as a computer speaker. When watching YouTube videos or other online content, this speaker is a lot better than using the build-in speakers of your laptop or display. Sound is very clear, with very good stereo separation, and enough bass. If you are considering buying external speakers for your computer, then this might be even better.

In the home, it is perfectly possible to use this to watch a movie on the computer, while the rest of the family watches something else on TV. And you will be able to keep normal contact with the other family members. With a headset, you are completely isolated. Or use it to watch television while the rest of the family is already in bed, and you don’t want to disturb them.

You can also use it outside in your garden, or sitting outside on your balcony. This way you can listen to music or podcasts without disturbing the neighbours, and still be fully aware about your surroundings. We even use it at night outside at the telescope when looking at the stars and planets.

After a while you do not notice the vibrations it makes on your body anymore, and we often forget we are still wearing it. So, comfort is great. We get about 8 to 10 hours of usage out of a full battery.

You guessed it: we love it! If you have a good usage scenario for it: go ahead, and buy it. You will not regret it. Just don’t buy this as a replacement for headphones or a normal hi-fi audio system.

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