MSI GS65 in the Office

Would there be any advantage in using a gaming laptop in the office for normal business use? In the case of the MSI GS65 we found some reasons to do so. It has now replaced our Dell XPS 15 for daily use when traveling around for work and working at customers locations.

There are a lot of non-gaming laptops available that offer the same speed and portability of the GS65. The only true advantage seems to be the dedicated Nvidia Graphics card. But for Office use, you don’t need that. It’s a disadvantage actually because you will experience occasional freezes when the system switches between the two adapters. Most of the times the switch is completely unnecessary. If you launch explorer from the task bar, for example, it can take between 2 and 4 seconds before Explorer launches, because of this. If you just press WIN+E, Explorer launches without delay. This is an old bug in Windows systems that have both an Intel and Nvidia graphics cards. With every new update, it becomes better or worse. Right click on some desktop icons can also trigger this. And battery life will be impacted by this also.

So why would you even consider the GS65 for business use? The first and foremost reason is the matte Full HD display. The main reason we stopped using the Dell XPS 15 was because we had to take the 4K display. Its like a mirror, and makes it very difficult to use in the Office, unless you turn the brightness to 100%, which impacts battery life. And 4K is still terrible on Windows. Looks wonderful at first, but when using it on a daily basis, there are just too many issues with it.

The GS65 has one of the best matte Full HD displays that you can find in any laptop. Color reproduction is outstanding. One of the best. But the main attraction here is its 144Hz refresh rate. If you need to scroll a lot on webpages, or in spreadsheets for example, you will truly love this. Usually Windows sucks when scrolling compared to a Mac, but on the GS65 it is truly heaven. You have to try it to know what it means. This refresh rate is the main reason we considered this laptop.

And if you put the display scaling to 100%, all of the issues with display scaling in Windows are gone. And did we already mention that the webcam is on top of the display, instead of at the bottom like in the XPS15?

The second reason for us to make the switch, is that this laptop is as thin and light as an XPS 15, but it has more ports. 3 conventional USB ports, and even an ethernet port. No more dongles with the GS65!

It feels faster also then the XPS15, but the difference is small. Battery life is on par. We get between 8 to 9 hours on a full charge, with the display brightness set to 40%.

And finally: the looks. This machine looks so much cooler than most business laptops. It feels a little flimsy here and there, but nothing to worry about. The keyboard is awesome, but the layout takes a lot of getting used to. We had a bit of trouble getting the software to work that allows you to change the lighting, but after some updates it works now.

So, there you have it. You can indeed use this gaming laptop for business. It looks good, is very thin and light but still has all the ports you can possible need, it’s blazing fast apart from an occasional freeze, and it has the perfect display for office use. And the battery will get you trough a day of work. There are other options out there, like an XPS15 with a matte display, or a Lenovo X1 carbon. But this one brings a smile on our face, each time we take it out of our bag to start working. No other laptop has ever done that to us.

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