Fitbit Ionic

We must be one of the few people on earth who really like the design of this watch. The almost square display is a joy to look at, and we think it just looks fancy on the wrist. We also love the default watch face.

The Ionic is not a true smartwatch like a Samsung Gear S3, and is also not a true sportswatch like a Garmin watch. It’s a fitness watch. Good for people who do some recreational sports and people who like to track the amount of movement they do, or keep a look at their heartrate. It is very good at this. We found heartrate monitoring and the step counter to be precise. The included exercises are fun, and the activity tracking is well executed.

It gives you some notifications, but not much more. In fact, we like that. In the end you will always need to take out your phone with almost any smartwatch. So, we are happy with just a notification to let us know if we need to do so.

Best of all is the battery life. You do not need to charge this watch every day. We get between 3 and 5 days of usage, depending on what we do with it.

Now for the downsides:
The watch is mostly a tracker. There is not much information you can consult on the watch itself. If you want some detailed information about anything, you need to use the app on your phone. Even changing a watch face is something you need to do on your phone, and it is a cumbersome process. Also: there are only a couple of apps available.

Biggest problem with the watch is that it has no always-on display, and activating the display with a wrist movement is often slow. This is the main reason why we stopped wearing this watch.

We actually prefered version 1 of the firmware. We had no problems with it, and it was easy to use. With version 2, more functionality was provided, but we find the watch less intuitive to use.  The latest version also start to give problems like the watch becoming totally unresponsive for 30 seconds or more. Usually during a sync with the phone.

Would we recommend this watch? If you just need a very basic fitness watch, that offers a bit more than just a step counter, then yes, this could be a good choice. If you are looking for a true smartwatch, or a watch for serious sports tracking: skip this one.

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