Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 smartwatch review

Out of the box, the only good thing about this smartwatch was the looks. Just about everything else was a disaster. Battery life:  a miserable 6 to 8 hours with minimal usage… On top of that, the watch restarted itself at least once per hour. And the crown also does not work good.

We did all of the usual troubleshooting. Nothing worked. We contacted Diesel… no reply.

So, we did the same trick that we used to get decent battery life on the Montblanc Summit 2: we disabled Google Pay and Google Fit. And behold: with the latest updates installed, the watch now no longer restarts by itself, and battery life has gone up to 24 hours with light usage (just checking some notifications and the time).

It seems the greatest drawback on all smartwatches running Wear OS, is in fact the operating system. We can understand that brands like Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, and now even Huawei develop their own operating system. Wear OS is just terrible, and Google will need to invest a lot more time and resources if they want this to succeed.

Now back to the watch: the crown is over sensitive, and almost every press  to open the app drawer is registered as a turn instead. It usually takes multiple tries to open the app drawer. The connection between turning the crown, and the smoothness of things scrolling on the display could be improved. On the Montblanc Summit 2, it feels as if the crown and the display are mechanically connected. Very smooth. On the Diesel not so much.

Last thing you need to know is that the nice neon watch face that is displayed on just about every picture on the internet, on the box, and even on the sticker on top of the display in the retail box and in shops, will only show at late night. It is part of a dynamic watchface that changes during the day. It gets activated around 10 PM. So don’t buy this watch for the cool neon watch face. We must say, however, that the wacht faces displayed during the rest of the day are also awesome. The always-on display of this dynamic watchface is also very nice. One of the best we saw.

So we like the looks of this watch, and even with all of the problems we wear it very often. But it is not a very good smartwatch. Buy this to go with your outfit and you have other smartwatches for sports and outdoor usage for example. Don’t buy this smartwatch hoping it will do all. It is frustrating to use, and you need to cripple functionality. It just looks great. That’s all.


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