Logitech MX Master 3: downgrade?

Most reviewers claim that the Logitech MX Master 3 is an improvement over the 2S. We disagree…

The only real difference for us is the sound. Version 3 is almost completely silent compared to version 2S. We do not really care about that.

So, the only improvement for us is the fact that it charges using USB-C.

We don’t like the way it feels. The structure of the materials feels less good than the previous version. It offers less support for your hand because the width is smaller. The difference is small, but we noticed it immediately, and after using itĀ for 2 hours we just went back to the 2S. So ergonomics are better on the 2S.

Scrolling is almost identical. You really have to concentrate to notice a difference between the two, and we actually prefer the old one again here.

The main issue we have with version 3 is the position of the side buttons and thumb scroll wheel. On the previous version, the thumbwheel was positioned perfectly. We use it to switch desktops all of the time. The buttons below it are a bit more difficult to use, but since we use them less often than the thumbwheel, we got used to that.

Version 3 reversed this: the buttons are more easy to reach, and the thumbwheel is more difficult to reach. We did not get used to it, even after many hours of giving it a chance to grow on us.

Version 3 ended up in the closet as a spare mouse. We are back on version 2S. It is far more ergonomic, and feels nicer in the hand. And the thumbwheel is perfect for our use.

If you never used previous MX Master mouses, you will be happy with version 3. If you are using version 2 or 2S: don’t bother with the new one unless you don’t use the thumbwheel that often, and are willing to pay just for a more silent mouse and USB-C charging.




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