Remarkable 2 Review

Almost perfect

Let’s start with the hardware: It’s amazing. Thin and build to last. Maybe a bit too heavy, but nothing to worry about. Cover and pen feel great.
Just like with most tablets that have a pen that attaches with magnets: it will come off, so be careful. Having the cover on the device helps because it also supports the pen.

The display is without a doubt one of the best there is. Each time we grab the device we are struck by how good it looks.

Battery life is stellar.

Writing on the Remarkable 2

Writing is very nice. A new nib is a bit too scratchy, but after a couple of minutes of writing, it’s just perfect. You can zoom into extremes to make corrections or add small details. The only small issue is that each time you create a new notebook, the pen defaults to “pencil”, and because we do not use that, we have to change that each time. It remembers the setting if you re-open the notebook, however, so it’s not a big issue.

The software

The software is very basic and easy to master. It offers almost everything you want in such a device. The templates are very helpful also. Not only do you get the typical lined ones, but also to-do lists, weekly organizer, music sheets, etc.

And then there are some extra powerful features also: there is a Google Chrome plugin that lets you send any webpage directly to the device for easy reading and annotation. But the power-feature we like the most is the Live view. It is still in Beta, but it works great. It allows you to mirror the device screen to a computer that also has the remarkable software installed. This way you can let other people see what you write. Very handy for ad-hoc brainstorming (mindmaps), and as a replacement for a flipchart, for example. The software offers a fullscreen view, so just connect the computer to a large display or projector, and you are good to go.

There is also handwriting recognition that converts your notes to text. It works very well in my language (Dutch). Almost no mistakes.

Missing things

There is no way to quickly see the selected pen thickness or color. Most other functions like the pen type or eraser type show the selected option in their icons, but the pen thickness/color option does not. This can be very annoying if you switch often while writing.

There is currently no way to insert images into your notes. We use a workaround: we put the pictures we need into a PDF document, sync to the device, and make notes on the PDF. Not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

There are no drawing tools such as shapes or lines. Not a big problem, but it would be handy for technical sketches.

There is no web application. You need to install the app on every computer where you want to access your notes. Also not a big problem, but it would allow you to access your notes from any computer in the world if you didn’t bring your device.

There is no way to change the signature of e-mails you sent from the device. Remarkable basically puts a commercial in your messages.

There is no light to help you use the device in the dark. A lighting system similar to the Kindle Oasis would be great.


A very high quality, simple to use, a device that does what it says it does. A few extra’s would be nice, but the experience is already worth it.

Highly recommended

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  1. Good review. I agree with everything said, especially the frustration of not being able to change the default pen type (I like Fineliner – never use pencil). Minor detail. RM2 is vastly superior to the RM1, which I’ve had since the beginning. The laptop, phone, tablet etc. apps are really good. Syncing is almost immediate. Software has improved greatly since the beginning. The few bugs I noticed have been eliminated. Tech support is very personal and timely. Organization tools (folders, notebooks, quick sheets) work very well. I’ve never used “layers.” I do wish there was Kindle-like side lighting, realizing the hit it would have to take on the battery life and perhaps adding some weight. I use a book light from time to time – the kind you can wear around your neck like a lasso. Works fine. Bottom line, my rating would be 4.8 out of 5, subtracting 0.2 due to price (high but worth it).

    1. Almost every day I wish there was a Kindle-like light on it. Too many times I am using it when there is just not enough light to read easily, but still too much light to put on the lights in the room. I have gone back to paper notes and Onenote for my notes, but I still use the device daily to display my music scores when playing guitar. Especially now in wintertime, I almost always have to put some light next to it.

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