ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP 17″ Portable Monitor Review

A lot of people like to work with 2 displays. So do we. But if you are on the road a lot, working at different locations, this is not always an option.

A portable monitor is a solution for this, and there are already several different ones available from different manufacturers.

We waited for the Asus ROG Strix XG17 because we wanted a bigger display. Currently this is the only 17″ portable monitor on the market. Most other ones are 14″ displays.

It is intended for gaming, but we use it strictly for office use. And it is very good at that in fact.

Build quality is very good. It can run about 4 hours on battery by itself. We lowered the refresh rate to 100Hz to save battery. The on screen menu is a bit clumsy to use, but it will do.

You can also power the display with your laptop, if you use USB-C to connect.

Image quality is very good. Better than many laptop panels in fact. The matte finishing makes it suitable for office work in all lighting conditions.

The tripod that is offered with this display seems to be expensive, but in fact it is not. It is extremely well built and sturdy. We highly recommend you to get it (it comes bundled in a set), because the included cover is too flimsy and cumbersome to use. The only thing missing from the tripod is a way to quickly rotate the display 90 degrees to work in portrait mode.

The bag is also very nice. It has a clever compartment below for the tripod, and it has space enough to also carry your laptop and some other stuff.

The bag. The 17″ display, our 15″ laptop, the tripod and our Remarkable 2 are inside.

Mobile phone use

You can also connect your mobile phone to the display. We used a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with it, and the experience was great. Samsung Dex activated immediately, and the big screen of the Fold 2 could act as both a touchpad and a keyboard.


If you want a second display for your laptop to take with you and be more productive, then the Asus ROG XG 17 is:

Highly Recommended

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