Bose Frames: from Alto to Tenor

We are a big fan of the Bose Frames since we bought the Alto version that we reviewed here.

Most of what we wrote in that review still stands for the new Tenor version also. But a lot has been improved.

But let’s start with the things that did not improve: The Bose Frames Tenor still feels like a €60 pair of sunglasses instead of the almost €300 they cost. They still use these plastic lenses that smudge very easily and have a lot of reflections that can be annoying. So purely as sunglasses, they are still not that great.

Usability has improved, and as expected Bose had added a better way to control the volume (by sliding your finger along the right side) to this generation. Activating the voice-assistant has become more difficult, however, and we found the position of the single button better on the Alto.

The Android app also behaves correctly now.

The most important question is: does it sound better? The answer is mostly: yes. And a bit: no…

The sound is fuller, with more bass. But at the same time, it lacks a bit of clarity, compared to the Alto. Volume is a bit higher too, and it does sound better when played at higher volumes.

If you mostly listen to podcasts or classical music, upgrading from the Alto to the Tenor might not be worth it.

But for most other kinds of music, the Tenor offers a better listening experience indeed. Just don’t expect it to be huge. You will notice it immediately, however, and after listening to the Tenor for a while, we noticed we never pick up the Alto anymore.

The Tenor is still not a good choice if you listen to modern bass-heavy music. But it is wonderful for vocals and acoustic instruments. Most jazz, blues, pop, and rock will sound good enough.

In the end, we can say that the Tenor is indeed a nice upgrade compared to the Alto. If they would use real quality glass for the lenses, this would be perfect. Maybe in the next version?

Highly Recommended

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