The Hill MK5 PCP pump

Hill claims their MK 5 PCP pump requires 20% effort to pump. We took the test.

So, why on earth would we review a pump? Because we are avid airgunners and we could never find the information that we wanted to know about this pump in any other review. So, if you are not an airgunner: you can skip this review. But if you are, and you always wondered if the claims made by Hill are true, read on.

The problem with just about any PCP pump review is that they never really show the amount of effort you need to use these. Sure, they will tell you how many strokes it takes to fill a rifle to 3000 psi. But they never tell you how much force you need to apply on the pump to reach that 3000 psi.

I am not interested in the number of strokes, however. I am interested in the fact if I will be able to push the pump down once it reaches high pressures.

Hill claims that their MK5 pump requires 20% less effort. There is a review from Andy’s Airgun Reviews that tried to show this. They, however, only showed that it requires less total energy. Nothing was said about the required force.

With all of our other pumps, we manage to get to a maximum of 3000 psi. That is with a bodyweight of about 65kg. After all, at high pressures, all you can use is your body weight. If the pump requires more force, you will simply lift yourself up. The more you weigh, the more pressure you will get out of your pump.

And because we have some rifles that can go to 3600 psi, we wanted to know if we would be able to get to that pressure using the Hill MK5 Pump. Nobody answered that question, so we took a chance and ordered one.

After receiving the pump, we could still not use it, because Hill does not include any adapters to connect to your guns. Every other pump comes at least with a Foster quick-connect adapter. This one not.

So, we had to order one, and wait again.

But the wait was worth the trouble.

On our first try, we managed to pump all the way up to 3600psi. That is exactly 20% more than with our other pumps. So Hill did not lie. Their claims are true. And we feel we could even push it to 3700. If you weigh more than me, you will even be able to pump it to 4000 psi and more.

The pumping in itself feels less smooth compared to our other pumps. But the required force is a lot less. And that is why we bought the pump.


If you have difficulties with your current pump to fill your rifles to their maximum pressure, you should consider the Hill MK5 pump. It will indeed let you pump to a pressure that is 20% higher than your current pump. Or you could simply buy it because you do not need to pump so hard. The dry-pack that comes with the pump, is a nice extra to keep your guns in good condition.

Highly Recommended

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