Montblanc Summit Lite impressions

We still use our original Montblanc Summit 2 that we bought and reviewed in 2018. It works fine and the battery problems have been solved. It remains one of the most beautiful Wear OS smartwatches on the market, and Montblanc has also launched some newer versions of it.

But when we saw the Summit Lite with the rubber strap in the shop window, we could not resist it. It’s just so damn beautiful and has a more modern look to it. You need to see it in person. Pictures do not show the real beauty. We often get questions and compliments about it.

Difficult to show the real beauty of this watch on pictures

The user experience is as good as our Summit 2: the watch is fast and smooth most of the time. Occasionally there is a small delay or hiccup. The crown is very smooth also.

Android wear also has come a long way since 2018, and it finally is nice to use now. Soon, Google will be launching an even better version, but most of the current Wear OS smartwatches will not be getting this update. So, the Summit Lite and older models will remain on the current version of Wear OS.

The Summit Lite does not feel like a downgrade from the Summit 2. Both watches have about the same functionality.

The biggest difference is in the battery life. The Lite has a smaller battery. And here we see a strange thing: in standby, when you are not wearing the watch, the battery life of the Summit Life is only half of that of our 2018 Summit 2. But once you start wearing it, the difference is much smaller. We estimate about 20% less.

In practice, battery life is not really an issue. The Summit Lite will get you through the day. But that’s about it. You will need to charge it every day.

The focus of the Summit Lite is on activity tracking, while the Summit 2 is more intended for business travelers. The Montblanc apps from the Summit 2 are not installed on the Summit Lite. That is not a big miss. These apps were never the reason to buy a Montblanc smartwatch. The only one we miss is the beautiful executed World Timer.

Instead, the Summit Lite has specific apps for heart rate, stress, and sleep monitoring, a body energy app, and a cardio coach app that lets you track workouts. They all work fine and are nicely done. They provide enough data on the watch and are a joy to use. Very well done, Montblanc. But here’s the thing: there is no smartphone app to dive deeper into the statistics or check your history. These are watch-only. That could be a dealbreaker for people who want to do serious tracking. But then again: this is a Wear OS watch, so you can install and use any activity tracker app you want. Google Fit is already installed.

Heart rate monitoring, step counting, and sleep tracking seem to be accurate. We could not see any big differences with our other more specialized smartwatches, such as our Garmin Fenix watches.


If you are looking for a stylish Wear OS smartwatch that is a bit more sporty looking, then the Montblanc Summit Lite is a very good choice. It does everything a Wear OS smartwatch is supposed to do and does not have any serious flaws, bugs, or problems. If you want better battery life with a similar look, then the Summit 2 is still the better choice, but the difference is small.

Highly Recommended

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