Logitech Circle camera

We use 4 of these camera's to monitor our office and home. We have them in use for several years now. So time to let you know if they really work as expected. For the most part: yes. They do deliver on their promises. There are very few issues. We can recommend them. Setup, or... Continue Reading →

Logitech Craft keyboard

Just don't buy it. This very expensive keyboard promises a lot, but delivers a lot of frustrations instead. This keyboard is intended for people who use both Mac OS and Windows. It offers keys for both operating systems, and many keys are shared. These shared keys have symbols on the left side for Mac and... Continue Reading →

Bose Soundlink Micro

Music in the palm of your hand. Bose has a lot of fans, and a lot of haters. What Bose does good is getting a lot of sound out of a small device. More and more companies are now doing the same, and many offer better value for money than Bose. But the Soundlink Micro... Continue Reading →

Huawei P20 Pro

Setting up the Huawei P20 Pro felt like a nightmare. Most of the apps we installed had problems. Some crashed. Some never managed to display a notification when the phone was locked. Apps that used Google maps never displayed any map. The PIM applications from Huawei lost the account-info several times a day, so each... Continue Reading →

Dell XPS 15 (9560)

If you are looking for a 15 inch powerful ultra-portable laptop, there is a big chance that you will be considering a Dell XPS 15. This laptop is usually reviewed by people who do video-editing on a laptop or gamers. Let's look at how it performs in the office. This laptop had a lot of... Continue Reading →

JBL Boombox

JBL is a company that knows about sound and good sound quality. So how is it possible that opinions among reviewers about the Boombox are so different? Some praise it, others say sound quality is just terrible. Some say only bass and no mids, and others say too much mids and no bass... What we... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Using this phone for business, we have found that this is a great phone indeed. The software out-of-the box is one of the most trouble-free experiences. This phone is a breeze to start using, and most features work as expected. Every app you install just works, and we never had any crashes. We know that... Continue Reading →


We started this blog because we found that a lot of tech reviewers out there concentrate too much on things like specs and comparisons in their reviews, but not so much on daily usability. And if they do, they do it from the viewpoint of a tech blogger. We try to bring you our experiences... Continue Reading →

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