MSI GS65 in the Office

Would there be any advantage in using a gaming laptop in the office for normal business use? In the case of the MSI GS65 we found some reasons to do so. It has now replaced our Dell XPS 15 for daily use when traveling around for work and working at customers locations. There are a... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Surface Pro 2/3/4

It started out wonderful with the Surface Pro 2.  A fast ultra-portable computer. We started recommending them to our customers, but stopped recommending them when more and more problems started to pop up with each new generation. These problems are small, but annoying for users. A lot of times it's about problems waking from sleep... Continue Reading →

GDP Pocket PC with Windows 10

We are using this little computer for quite a while now for real world usage, and we can testify that it works as expected. We found no serious flaw or problems, using it. You can buy this without risk. It is very well made. Off course the keyboard is a bit awkward to use. So... Continue Reading →

Dell XPS 15 (9560)

If you are looking for a 15 inch powerful ultra-portable laptop, there is a big chance that you will be considering a Dell XPS 15. This laptop is usually reviewed by people who do video-editing on a laptop or gamers. Let's look at how it performs in the office. This laptop had a lot of... Continue Reading →

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